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“Thanks, Dr. Haskett and team!! I got my braces on 72 hours ago and I am starting to adjust! I know the results will be worth it!! Thanks again!” — Angela H.

“Thanks for taking care of Clancy this morning. She was having a tough time, but you and your staff were very supportive! I appreciate it very much!” — Jamie P.

“Welcome! You could not ask for a better crew of people to help you on this sometimes hard and painful journey. I hear the end result is worth it, though, and because of this team of people, it will be. :)” — Kourtney D.

“Dani and I have decided Dr. Haskett needs a nickname: ‘Dr. Happy’ ” — DeeAnne K.

“Every time I see him, he is full of smiles and laughs. Even when I tell him I don’t like my braces. Ha!” — Kourtney D.

“What a *fun* Facebook page! Great work, and thanks for being such a warm and comforting doctor. My eight-year-old daughter said to me the other day that she’s no longer scared of going to the orthodontist. That says quite a bit about your team. :-)” — Ron S.